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  • Natural Fruits

    Natural fruits. NATURAL FRUITS. The natural production of trees, bushes, and other plants, for the use of men and animals, and for the reproduction of such trees, bushes or plants. 2. This expression is used in contradistinction to artificial or figurative fruits; for example, apples, peaches and pears are natural fruits; interest is the fruit of money, and this is artificial.

  • Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Food

    The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Department of Defense (DoD) Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program allows schools to use USDA Foods entitlement dollars to buy fresh produce. The program is operated by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) at the Department of Defense. In school year (SY) 1994-1995, the program began as a pilot in eight states; $3.2.

  • Online Organic Fruits And Vegetables

    The company’s organic vegetables and fruits come from the family farm and others in the Pacific Northwest. Most popular is the.

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