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Jamba juice nutritionJamba Juice Nutrition Facts & Calorie Information Jamba Juice Menu Nutritional Guide: Food Data & Values. Since the conception of the smoothie chain in 1990, the Jamba Juice mission statement remains incorporating healthy meals into the diets of customers. Each year the specialty chain supplies over 250 million servings of fruits and vegetables.

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Is Jamba Juice Really Healthy?

With relative high calorie and carbohydrate contents, the Jamba Juice, especially the Jamba smoothies should be taken in moderate, considering your total calorie and carbohydrate intake. The smoothies provided by Jamba Juice really are loaded with some good things, such as minerals and nutrients, fiber, calcium and more.

What Is The Healthiest Jamba Juice?

Man takes Jamba Juice tip jar, arrested after resisting officers CHICO, Calif. – A Chico man was arrested Tuesday after police received a report that he stole the tip jar from Jamba Juice, Chico Police Department said. The man, 36-year-old Brandon Whitlow, also demanded free food and refused to leave the store unless he was given free food.

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Why Is Jamba Juice So Expensive?

Why is Jamba Juice so expensive?-Jamba Juice’s product’s are also expensive to make. The juice concentrates and frozen fruit they use are very expensive and this causes their profit margins to be thin. Only the most popular locations can turn a solid profit. Their prices are high for a reason!

How Much Do You Get Paid At Jamba Juice?

The average Jamba hourly pay ranges from approximately $16 per hour for a Smoothie Maker to $27 per hour for a Senior General Manager. Jamba employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 2.8/5 stars. Is Jamba Juice an easy job? Jamba Juice contains and amazing work enviroment with room to grow.

Why Is Jamba Juice Not More Successful?

It just seems that in this economy and culture there is a wealth of innovative designs to the already laid-out foundation made by prior corporations. In other words, Jamba Juice is losing its regular customers to small businesses. (Independent > corporations)

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Is Jamba Juice Bad For You?

That said, Jamba Juice is pretty unhealthy from a nutrition standpoint. Much of the fiber is removed from the foods, the serving size is too large, and the bulk of the calories are in the form of fructose and sucrose. Adding in “boost vitamins” to replace what was missing isn’t necessarily going to help.

How Much Does Jamba Juice Make A Year?

Jamba Juice pulls in about $229 million in annual revenue, with each store generating about $700,000 in annual revenue. Vernon Davis, 49er’s tight end and Jamba Juice franchise owner says the …

How Much Does A Jamba Juice Employee Make An Hour?

The average Jamba hourly pay ranges from approximately $11 per hour for a Trainer/Team Member to $26 per hour for a General Manager. Jamba employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 2.7/5 stars.

How Much Does A Medium Jamba Juice Cost?

Medium: $5.69: Orange Dream Machine, Matcha Green Tea Blast, Peanut Butter Moo’D or Chocolate …

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Video of Jamba Juice Nutrition

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