Healthy Banana Shake

Healthy banana shake14 Healthy Banana Smoothie Recipes That Taste Better Than Milkshakes. Banana Smoothie with Nuts and Seeds. Credit: Kitchen.

Easy 3 ingredient healthy banana shake recipe vegan

Is Banana Shake Good For You?

Banana Shake plays a vital role in the side of health benefits. It battles and furthermore shields the stomach lining from ulcers. Banana additionally watches the stomach against disagreeable microscopic organisms which are in charge of causing gastrointestinal unsettling influences.

How To Make A Banana Shake?

To enjoy banana shake benefits, you can make it easily at home. Get a blender and put two sliced bananas into it. Use frozen bananas for better results. Add a cup of ice and half cup of milk to the blender. Go for crushed ice to make your shake quickly.

How Much Protein Is In A Banana Protein Shake?

This Healthy Banana Protein Shake is packed with a short list of real ingredients and blended together to perfection! Boasting 16 g of protein per serving and oh so flavorful, this protein shake recipe will fuel your body post-workout or or as a sweet treat. Enjoy! That’s right. A healthy protein shake that actually tastes creamy and delicious.

What Kind Of Milk Do You Use For A Banana Shake?

Both plant-based and whey protein powders will work for this healthy banana shake recipe. Any milk will work for this recipe! We used unsweetened almond milk, but feel free to use whatever milk you prefer or what you have on hand.

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