Blueberries Good For You

Are blueberries good for you

Do Blueberries Make You Lose Weight?

Eating blueberries may help you lose belly fat, lower cholesterol, and improve glucose control providing benefits in terms of weight loss and your health. Studies show weight loss is not enough. With the number of people diagnosed with diabetes and metabolic syndrome on the rise, losing weight at the cost of health is not recommended.

Can Blueberries Help With Losing Belly Fat?

While blueberries have been well-documented for their cognitive and cardio-protective benefits, new research suggests that blueberries may change the way we metabolize fat and sugar. Recent study findings suggest that blueberries may influence genes which regulate fat-burning and storage, helping reduce abdominal fat and lower cholesterol.

What Are The Side Effects Of Eating Blueberries?

It also contains Salicylic acid so that it can cause various side effects in people susceptible to salicylate. In this case, some problems such as nausea, vomiting, reflux, bloating, gas, and headache may get seen after eating blueberries.

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